Here We Stand
 So, yeah...I've pretty much stopped posting on LJ. For a variety of reasons, really, but mostly because I don't have time to cross-post at the moment. That may change in the future, it may not. So, for the nonce, if you're interested, you can find me in two places:



The first is my writerly-type blog, where I talk about boring things like what I'm working on, what I've sold to who and when and where you can buy it. Also, sometimes other stuff. Basically, if you're a fan of my work (HA!), go there. 
The second is my spot for talkin' comics. Mostly I just post pictures, but occasionally I do other stuff, like 'Villains With Potential' or semi-coherent rants about the latest big news in comicdom. Mostly it's just pictures, though. 

Super-Gorilla Cowboy Round-Up 2
 For those of you who have yet to migrate from LJ to someplace that doesn't suffer a preponderance of DDoS attacks, here's this week's linkage:

-'Friday Going Fast'
-'Tuesday on the Toll-Road'
-'Monday Mathematical Maulings'

-Villains with Potential-The Gladiator!
-Vengeance Unbound
-Artist Shout-out

Super-Gorilla Cowboy Round-Up 1
So, due to time constraints, instead of cross-posting for the foreseeable future, I'll instead be posting a regular round-up of my blog posts. Once a week you'll get some links and some news and I expect you to click those links and, if the mood strikes you, comment on that news. Don't feel you have to though. Click those links though. 

-I'm writing somebody's favorite character and it scares the sh*t out of me...
-Boycott Dorchester Publishing
-My Monday is going fine

-Help 'Kickstart' the WORLD OF HURT tpb!
-Download Adam Warrock's awesome weird western ballad, 'The Sixth Gun'
-Lois Lane Vs. Time Warner
-A Villains With Potential poll, if you're interested...

-Chapter Thirteen is available to read, if you're inclined!

What You Might Have Missed
 I've been remiss about cross-posting for the past week or so, so let's break it all down, shall we?

-I sold a book.
-"Mr. Brass and the 7 Plagues of the Devil" is now available.
-I'm working on stuff, including the aforementioned book.

-Stan Lee talks about the Thing's...thing.
-A webcomic you should read.
-Hey, look...all of my 'Villains With Potential' posts in one spot.

There we go! All caught up. 

Things What I Wrote
Boom! Look at that...that comes out next month folks, and it contains my story "The First Duty". Next month. Two pound fitty. You should go pre-order that sh*t TODAY. Seriously. It's like three bucks American people. Do yourself a favor and pre-order it.
Seriously. Cause without it you won't be getting the full story behind...ah, wait, I can't talk about THAT just yet. Maybe later.
Just trust me. You're going to want to read "The First Duty".

On a similar note, April 11th sees the release of this little number from Rainfall Books. It includes my story "The Hate of Unborn Flesh", which features an attic full of evil toys who are also religious fanatics.
Yes, really. Five pounds sterling. You should totally spend the money.
It also features the same protagonist as "The Door of Hours" and "The Conspiracy of Contraptions" for those keeping track of such things.

Villains With Potential-Hammer and Anvil
These fine gentleman are simultaneously the dumbest and most awesome concept I have ever seen, no lie. A psychopath and a racist with a symbiotic link granted by a metal-eating alien. Oh, and they're dead now, thanks to the Scourge of the Underworld. Not much potential there, right?

Well, no. Otherwise this would post would be unnecessary.

See, Hammer and Anvil provide a writer with a chance to do 'buddy-cop' style hijinks in a book that might not necessarily provide an outlet for such (Hulk, for instance.). One's a dumb racist and the other's a hardened career criminal-it'll be like Lethal Weapon for the superpower set, only without Danny Glover's rampant nudity or Mel Gibson's hair.

Really, they're worth having around for the comedic value alone, but, in a pinch, there are other factors that might prove interesting...the Synthecon which binds the two men together is an alien artifact of unknown ability, meaning it can likely serve as a handy tool for resurrecting them as well as furthering their story.

In fact, picture this...somewhere in the Nevada Desert, a trio of casino roughs prepare to bury the body of a troublemaker. In the process, they disturb the lonely grave of our dynamic duo and discover what appears to be an alien cocoon hidden beneath the soil. The cocoon ruptures and Hammer and Anvil emerge, alive and very, VERY angry. The Synthecon has healed them of the gunshot wound and feedback that killed them, but it has also scrambled their minds a bit.

Being linked as they are, the Synthecon can't tell them apart. So it used bits from one to heal the mind of the other, leading to the two men sharing more than a length of alien steel. And, as a capper, this process, once started, has become ongoing...the two men are becoming one, in body as well as mind. One brain with two bodies...and soon, perhaps only one body. A body that won't be human anymore, and certainly won't be Hammer Jackson or Johnny Anvil.

Desperate (and thus twice as dangerous), they'll go looking for help. Any sort of help. And there are plenty of individuals who'll be more than happy to manipulate these two bruisers for their own ends...

So, Look...
There are plenty of ways you can waste your money, right? Right. So why not donate a bit of it in good cause (for a given value of 'good')? Two bucks, three, one even gets you free stuff out (up?) the yinyang. Including a little something by me (with an able assist from artist MD Jackson).

Can you really pass that up?

Monday On Message
So, first off, I'm still offering a FREE NOVELLA to anyone who donates to Innsmouth Free Press' February Fundraiser. It's got art by MD Jackson, and a story by-who else?-me, and all you have to do is donate a bit of cash to a worthy magazine. And, to top it off, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, the editor of IFP, is offering her own incentive to those who might be charitably inclined!
Next up, I've got a guest review over at ALL PULP. I take a look at the first volume of Guido Henkel's Jason Dark, Ghost-Hunter series. So check that out, if you like.
Lastly, I can now mention one of those things I couldn't mention before, which is that I'll have a story in an upcoming issue of the Black Library's Hammer & Bolter. Classy, right? More on that when I know it.

Oh, and if you're interested, it's ART ADAMS WEEK over at IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME!
And that's that for today.

Thursday Means Charity and Also Cthulhu

Okay, so on Tuesday, as you may or may not recall, I mentioned something about a contest. Which is possibly an erroneous term, as it's more in the way of an incentive drive than a contest, but who gives a crap right? FREE STUFF, that's the point I'm trying to get across here.
Specifically, a free 10,000 word novelette. "The Black-Winged Ones" follows occultist Harley Warren and former-inspector John Raymond Legrasse as they investigate a series of bloody murders and stumble upon a hideous conspiracy in turn-of-the-century New Orleans. AND, to top it off-it's illustrated by MD Jackson!
Interested? Obviously, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. So, February is Fundraising Month at Innsmouth Free Press. They're attempting to raise the modest sum of $1,500 CAD and because I enjoy the magazine (seriously, check out issue 4), I decided to help out in my own small way (yes, I have indeed also donated cash but this is more fun).
So, to that end, I'm offering the aforementioned free novelette to ANYONE who donates ANY AMOUNT to IFP. Just forward your donation receipt (or cut 'n'paste, with any sensitive bits of info removed, of course) to me at argus33 at hotmail dot com, and on MARCH 1st (at the end of the fundraiser, natch) I'll send you a PDF of "The Black-Winged Ones".
That's it. It's that simple. Just donate a bit of that loose change rattling around in your electronic pocket and you get a free novelette. Boom. How easy is that?

Villains With Potential-The Basilisk
No, not that one. Or that one. This one. Basil Elks, the original A-number one stunner. Literally. Capable of holding off the Thing AND Spider-Man simultaneously, the Basilisk died ignominiously at the hands of the Scourge, only to be resurrected to fight the Punisher. Since then he hasn't been seen. And there's a very good reason for that...

See, once upon a time, Basil Elks was just a petty thief who managed to get his hands on an ancient Kree artefact that gave him a variety of powers, including concussive eye-beams. Since then, he's used those powers to tangle with any number of super-heroes. But what Basil didn't know was that every time he used those powers, a beacon on the Kree homeworld of Hala flashed and an alert was filed.

Now, in the aftermath of recent cosmic shenanigans, the once-mighty Kree Empire is in flux. Factions rise and fall, engaging Byzantine schemes against one another and the nominal rulers of the Empire. And one such faction has re-discovered those old alerts, and by extension, the Basilisk.

Now, a squad of Kree commandos is tearing through Earth's upper atmosphere with the intention of extracting either the Basilisk, or the power he holds. But Basil Elks is a hard man to find, and an even harder one to hold, and he's not going quietly.

And, too, the Basilisk isn't the only wielder of a Kree power source on Earth. There are a number of others, including Moonstone and Man-Wolf. And Basil has discovered that his powers resonate with those of the other wielders, making him, in effect, a cosmic blood-hound.

Now the Basilisk isn't a wise man, or a good man, but he is a curious man. Experimenting with his powers even as he readjusts to being in the land of the living, Basil Elks begins to wonder about those resonances and their possible consequence. But because he is also a greedy man, he begins to think that maybe, just maybe, he ought to see about acquiring those other power sources by any means necessary.

And above it all, a band of Kree soldiers, determined and armed for war, drawing ever closer to their target...


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